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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Dealer Solutions

Many, very successful dealers, located in cities across the United States, have selected Retail Technologies, Inc. and DESIGN-R-LABELS as the sign and shelf label printing system that they recommend and sell to their retailers. Most of our dealers are companies that specialize in selling Point-Of-Sale scanning systems to retailers and in many cases they sell more than one brand.

DESIGN-R-LABELS offers many advantages to the POS dealer. Among these advantages are:
  • Higher standard margins for increased dealer profitability.
  • Built-in interfaces to more than forty POS scanning and back-office systems
  •      *  Enabling the dealer to have one sign and label system that works with all of their POS systems.
         *  POS interfaces are continually updated as new and upgraded POS systems are released.
  • A sign and shelf label printing application built from the ground up to be used in the retail industry.
  •      *  Features that retailers need are standard in DESIGN-R-LABELS like:
              -  Automatic handling of dollar and cent signs
              -  Automatic handling of split prices
              -  Calculation of unit pricing to meet any federal, state or local law
              -  Support for printing on laser, thermal, and in-aisle
              -  And much more...
  • Flexible architecture and modules to support both the independent and chain store retailer.
  • We understand the POS dealer and his needs
  •      *  The President of Retail Technologies, Inc., (RTI) Gregory Hall, worked for dealers and owned his dealership for fourteen years before founding RTI in 1987.
  • Member of the Retail Systems Providers Association (RSPA).
  • For more information follow this link. Software Info

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