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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Solutions

Solutions for Independents

In todayís highly competitive environment differentiating oneself from the competition is more important than ever before. Just as important as creating that difference is communicating that specialty to the customer.

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Solutions for Chain Stores

Chain stores need a consistent look-and-feel across their many stores. DESIGN-R-LABELS allows the chainís corporate office to control the appearance and release of signs and/or labels. DESIGN-R-LABELS features standard Microsoft Office controls that enable the central office personnel to quickly become masters of form and template design, creating rich, powerful, and intelligent templates that promote and enforce the companiesí image.

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Solutions for Dealers

Many, very successful dealers, located in cities across the United States, have selected Retail Technologies, Inc. and DESIGN-R-LABELS as the sign and shelf label printing system that they recommend and sell to their retailers. Most of our dealers are companies that specialize in selling Point-Of-Sale scanning systems to retailers and in many cases they sell more than one brand.

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Solutions for Wholesalers

Wholesalers often face many unique challenges. First, they have their own sign and bar-code label printing needs. Second, they support many retailers that need printing solutions that will solve the needs of their stores. Frequently, these independent retailers have widely varying POS Scanning and back-room computer applications.

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