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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Installation & Training

Professional installation and training is key to maximizing your investment in any of our software packages. Once you have been trained, you can easily make modifications to the software as needed without the need of involving a Retail Technologies, Inc. support person.


With so many Point-of-Sale systems in the market today, there is not a single setup solution that works for everyone. Our installations are based on your Point of Sale system and your individual needs.

Installation is more than just loading the software from the CD. It involves configuring our software to read information from your data source, then setting it up to operate the way the customer wants to interact with our software. Many functions can be automated in our software. For instance, you can use command-line parameters for importing and printing. The level of automation that can be obtained is dependent on how we receive the information in the data source and what the customer wants to be able to do with data before printing.


Training is an investment:

There are many different kinds of training that we can supply. Installation and training can be just one day for end users on how to design templates and print; up to several days training for a technical staff on how to install & configure the software, design templates, and print.

On-Site Training

Many customers tell us they prefer on-site training because they believe their employees get more out of it. We have often found this to be the case as well. On-site, our trainers can get a better understanding of the environment and can get faster feedback from the person we are training which allows us to determine if the trainee is understanding everything we are teaching.

On-line Training

Many customers choose on-line training because of the flexiblity in scheduling that it affords. Because it is on-line, there is no travel time involved. Usually we can schedule these installs sooner than on-sites, because we only have to allow for actual installation and training time. So, a one-day install actually only takes one day of our time instead of the one day plus travel. Second, we can breakup the installation and training over multiple days if necessary. This enables the trainee to still be able to get their work done as well as train with us.

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