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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Partners

Retail Technologies, Inc. partners with industry leaders of software and technology vendors including, Point-Of-Sale dealers, wholesalers, and consultants. These partnerships allow us to bring the best-of-breed sign and label printing solutions to the retail industry in a professional and timely manner.

Partners: Vendors  -   Wholesalers  -   Point-Of-Sale

Our partners may**

* provide hardware and or software solutions that may be integrated into our applications

* use our technologies (hardware and or software) as part of their solutions

* may offer some or all of our technologies for resale

* may offer installation and technical support for our technologies

Retail Technologies, Inc. offers support to our partners by providing

* technical support for implementation and integration strategies

* professional training (on-site, web-based, and 800 telephone)

* on-going maintenance plans

* sales training

* free software for sales and technical support

* software based on Microsoft technologies

** Not with standing any statement, explicit or inferred on this page or any page on our web site, brochures or any other communication, Retail Technologies, Inc. does not endorse, approve, recommend or warranty any partnersí technology, solutions, or expertise.

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