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Retail Technologies, Inc. - DESIGN-R-LABELS

DESIGN-R-LABELS is software that allows you to design and print a wide variety of signs and labels from small HBA shelf tags to window banners. You have the ability to print and reprint your data as many times as necessary. You can import data from your scanning system or use DESIGN-R-LABEL's database capabilities to store a custom database of sign data with extra-long descriptions, image paths and flag fields. In the template designing module, you can design your sign and labels with logic to reduce the overall amount of designs needed.

DESIGN-R-LABELS is typically used in two ways. An independent grocery store would use DESIGN-R-LABELS to create and print all of their signs and labels. Whereas, in a corporate chain-store environment, the head office creates the sign and shelf tags and the stores print them using only the print engine module (PrintLab).

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DESIGN-R-LABELS will lift your sign and label printing capabilities to new levels. Increase profits by reducing the hours spent collecting product information, designing signs and labels and managing printers. Now, with a single program and a single keystroke you can print in the office, store, and/or in the aisle. Design Module ensures accuracy of design to print.

DESIGN-R-LABELS enables you to implement your marketing plan. Promote house brands with House Plus, our industry-leading feature that can track price changes in national brands vs. house brands. DESIGN-R-LABELS enables the retailer to calculate and print savings for Regular Price vs. Sale Price and/or Your Price vs. Competitor(s). DESIGN-R-LABELS will also calculate unit pricing to meet any federal, state or local statue. Of course, all of this capability is under a multi-level username/password control system.


The Design Module is the industry leader from the accuracy of the on-screen template design module to printed output. Features like the ability to insert product pictures, company and product logos will add pop to your signs. Other features like drag and drop, object inspector, relation editor and many more features allow creation of powerful, intelligent signage that moves merchandise off the shelf and into the shopping basket.


The Print Engine enables complete automation of a print job so that your employees no longer have to monitor the job. Features such as "Forms-To-Trays" allow you to predetermine on which printer and which tray a given sign or label will print thus freeing up your employee time for more productive pursuits. The print engine is built-in to the application or can be installed separately as part of a multi-store implementation.


The Import engine makes it easy to get the data necessary to print signs and labels. The Import engine can read your data and do one of two things: hand it to the print engine for immediate printing or insert it into the built-in Database Manager. The Import Engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications plus, the capability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. This ensures that regardless which POS system you have today or next year your DESIGN-R-LABELS system can be upgraded to your new POS system.


DESIGN-R-LABELS comes with Microsoft’s SQL Express database. If you should need more storage you can upgrade to Microsoft’s SQL database manager or to any SQL/ADO compliant database manager.

Feature Summary

  • Supports a wide range of retail barcode symbologies
  • Supports Windows Professional versions: 2000, XP, 7, 8 & 10, and Windows Server versions: 2000, 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2.
  • Create intelligent templates (Relation Editor: ( do "X" based on meeting conditions)
  • Supports color and gradient printing
  • Prints signs as large as 18.5" x 18.5" out-of-the-box (Optional - 6' x 25')
  • Specify forms to printers and/or trays (enables automated printing)
  • Print directly from ASCII or ODBC compliant files or from the built-in database
  • Calculates unit pricing to meet all federal, state and/or local laws
  • Compare Store Brand vs. National Brand with House + technology
  • Built-In Filters to view imported items, price going down, price going up, updated items, plus more...
  • Interfaces with more than 40 Point of Sale Systems and growing
  • Calculates price savings (dollar and/or percentage)
  • ODBC Compliant
  • OLE Compliant
  • Index, locate, and print items by any primary field
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