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N-Aisle is typically used at the store level. The N-Aisle Printing module allows you to print out permanent shelf tags as you walk along the aisle. N-Aisle takes advantage of your existing in-store wireless network. As you walk along the aisle, and scan products with a handheld device, the wireless signal sends the UPC information back to the computer where the N-Aisle software is located. The N-Aisle software complements the information sent from the handheld with all pertinent data from the N-Aisle database (such as description, size, and price), which allows you to print a complete and permanent shelf tag.

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N-Aisle Printing

In today’s highly competitive retail environment it is imperative that a retail business be as efficient as possible. Gone are the days when high margins could cover inefficiencies in operations. N-Aisle Printing by Retail Technologies, Inc. (RTI) brings this high level of efficiency to replacement shelf tag printing in the store.

With N-Aisle Printing the task of collecting replacement tags needs, printing, and hanging the tag becomes a single efficient step. N-Aisle Printing allows you to take the printing out of the office and move it to the point-of-need, in the aisle, saving many hours of labor each and every week.

As portability increased with the advent of "Belt or Hip" printers, conversely, the functionality decreased. Therefore you are restricted to a few fonts and specific sizes of fonts and barcodes. This means you must give up the "look and feel" of a consistent appearance of shelf tags to get the operational efficiency of in-aisle printing. Unlike "belt or hip" printers DESIGN-R-LABELS and N-Aisle Printing can use any font, font size, barcode size, and formatting rules to provide shelf tags that look identical to the tags that are printed on your laser printer.

"Belt or Hip" printers print "temporary" shelf tags that require you at some point to, locate the item again and hang a permanent tag, which eliminates much of the labor savings. The tags printed with the N-Aisle Printer will have virtually the same shelf life as tags printed by your laser printer. Now, for the first time replacement tag printing can be accomplished in a single touch!

N-Aisle Printing consists of both hardware and software. The hardware is a thermal printer (both direct thermal and thermal transfer are available), battery unit, power converter, and a 802.11 wireless print server. The system can print more than four thousand labels on a single battery charge. The software consist of the industryleading DESIGN-R-LABELS, sign and label printing software with the N-Aisle Printing option installed. You must also have a PDA capable of scanning the UPC barcode and transmitting the UPC number and other required product information to the computer accessible by DESIGN-R-LABELS. RTI also offers a hand-held PDA and software to accomplish this task if needed. Also required, but not supplied by RTI, is an 802.11b or higher wireless network in the store.

The product data can be supplied by any handheld device capable of transmitting the data wirelessly to a computer accessible by DESIGN-R-LABELS. RTI offers a hand-held made by Datalogic. This hand-held unit meets the specifications of our N-Aisle software for PDA units. The specifications include 802.11b or higher wireless connectivity, Windows, Windows CE (version 4 or 5) or Pocket PC operating system, and .Net (pronounced dot-net) compliant.

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