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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Large Format Sign and Banner Printing

Communicate with customers on a grand scale with Large Format Signs created and printed with the Large Format Printing option of RTI softare products. Large-Format, high-impact color signs can focus the attention of the customer on the specific products before they even set foot in the store. Window signs promote your store’s message from the parking lot to the street. Large Format signs are not limited to windows signs, but include end-cap, over-the-aisle, and departmental signs.

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Large Format Printing

Large Format Signs influence the purchase decision process of customers. Over-the-aisle signs are great for promoting special events. For example, hang a sign in the canned goods (chili) aisle suggesting hot dogs with fries or chips for a delicious simple meal while watching the big game. Now, watch the product fly off the shelf.

Hanging signs influence customers to make additional purchases. Signs can be as simple as a product description, price and size on plain paper or as complex as high resolution product pictures printed on highgloss photo media. "Ceiling Hangers" in high traffic areas encourage customers to visit other departments.

Large Format posters/signs reinforce the items you have been advertising in the local media outlets such as: TV, Newspaper, and Radio. Remind shoppers why they came to your store and tell them what you have. Educate customers about your efforts in the community and special events.

Retail Technologies, Inc. has Large Format sign printing solutions designed for every size retail operation whether you have one or hundreds of stores. Large-format solutions include our DESIGN-R-LABELS software, Hewlett Packard (HP) large-format printers (ranging in size from 24in. wide to 60in. wide) with setup and training by experienced Retail Technologies, Inc. installation and training staff.

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