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PSC Falcon 4220

Below are some tips on troubleshooting wireless network and communication issues with the shared directory on the host pc.

1. If the 4420 will not associate with the wireless access point, you should see a red "X" through the wireless connection indicator on the bottom of the 4420 screen.If this is the issue, perform a warm boot on the 4420. This is performed by using the stylus pen to push the button on the back of the device that is labeled RESET.

2. If the 4420 still will not associate with the wireless access point, check the wireless settings. Using the stylus, double tap the wireless icon. Using the arrow buttons, scroll over to the Wireless Information tab. Look for your wireless network's SSID in the box on the middle of the screen. Highlight it, then select connect. If it is not there, select new connection and fill in the information pertaining to your wireless network.

3. If you need authentication to access the shared directory, go to Start>Settings>Control Panel. Double tap on Owner, select the Network ID tab. Fill out the Username and Password with a user that has read/write permissions on the shared out directory.

4. Wireless is connected, but still can not connect to the pc. Check the IP address of the 4420. If you use a static IP address, this could have been erased by a cold boot. Go to Start>Settings>Network and Dial-up Connections, double tap the WLAGS46B1 connection. If you are using DHCP, select the radio button "Obtain an IP address via DHCP". If you are using a static IP address, select the radio button "Specify an IP address". Fill out the IP address and subnet. The gateway is not mandatory.

5. If everything is setup correctly on the 4420, and it is connected to the wireless network with no issues, the issue could be with the host pc. Start by making sure it is connected to the network.

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