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Retail Technologies, Inc. - Software Support

8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (C.S.T)
Monday - Friday
(251) 666-5151
(800) 277-4277
Technical Support

********AVG recently released an update to their Anti Virus software. This update now falsely detects our software as a virus. If you have been affected by this update, please download the instructions for correcting this issue at AVG Help . *********

Retail Technologies, Inc. knows how important it is that your DESIGN-R-LABELS software be fully operational. For those who are under a current agreement, call (251) 666-5151 or (800) 277-4277 for technical support. Your technical support calls will be answered in the order they are received.

You may also ask a technical support question via email by sending it to . (You must also be under maintenance to receive an answer to an email support question.)

If you have allowed your maintenance agreement to expire, you may reinitialize the maintenance by paying a small fee. Contact your Retail Technologies, Inc. Account Manager for details and pricing information.

pcAnywhere, or high-speed Internet connection highly recommended (56k connection minimum without pcAnywhere) for problem resolution (If we cannot get into your system, we may not be able to solve the problem).

  • Error Messages
  • Bug Fixes
  • Software Updates (may contain new features)
  • Basic DRL Operator Questions (specific questions)
  • Adding Fields to existing Import Types and Mappings (as long as it does not require modification of scripts - by request only)
  • Building new forms and templates for sign/label stock bought from Retail Technologies, Inc. (by request only)
  • Restoring from a sufficient backup (You get what you backed up, if you have made 100 changes since your last backup then you have to manually make the changes again. If you have never made a backup, you will need hourly professional services to be reconfigured.).
  • How to make a backup of your DRL (by request only).
  • Setup a standard import shortcut for existing import types (by request only).
  • When moving DRL to a new PC, we tell you what files need to be moved to the other computer, but we do not do it for you without an additional charge (hourly rate).

  • Not Covered: (hourly online installation/training rates apply)
  • Re-interfacing DRL to a new scanning system.
  • Building new forms or templates (exception: stock bought from Retail Technologies, Inc.).
  • Building a new Import Type and/or Mapping.
  • Creating/Modifying scripts - (programming charge - quoted before creating/modifying begins).
  • Training
  • Database Recovery - We can replace corrupted files, but the data that was in the corrupted files will be lost and replaced with backed up information. If no backup exists, corrupted files will be replaced by demo files.

  • * Software updates are within versions. Ex. Version 2.#.#.# may update to the latest version up to and including without charge. For someone to "Upgrade" to the latest version, an Upgrade fee may apply. An example of upgrading would be going from DESIGN-R-LABELS DOS to DESIGN-R-LABELS 32 for Windows, or from DESIGN-R-LABELS 32 for Windows to DESIGN-R-LABELS 3.0.

    *** This is not a complete list of "Not Covered" support items. If you have specific questions about if something is covered, please contact your Retail Technologies, Inc. Sales Representative. ***

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